The return of the road trip is one of the most significant changes in travel since the COVID-19 pandemic. However, given the high demand, there may be fewer rental automobiles available. Unsurprisingly, the cost of renting a car is at an all-time high — and that’s assuming you can even get one. The great thing is that renting a car doesn’t have to consume your whole holiday budget. Whether you’re planning a weekend trip or a cross-country car ride, these tips can help you find inexpensive luxury cars for rent.

Ignore the airport

When arriving in a new place via plane, renting a car at the airport is convenient. Airport fees, however, can make this convenience more expensive. These surcharges usually take the form of predetermined cash sums. They may also be expressed as a proportion of the total rent due, and occasionally you’ll be required to pay both. These fees are normally a few dollars per day, but depending on how long your journey is, they can frequently reach three figures.

Compare the cost of rental options in the city to those available at the airport. Make sure you also figure out the cost of a cab, ride share, or carpool to and from your rental destination if you rent at a place distant from the airport.

2. Research options online

Visit websites to evaluate your choices and focus on the finest offer, then head straight to the automobile rental agency’s website. With “Pay Now” choices, in particular, you can obtain even bigger savings that way. Just please remember that most upfront rental payments are irreversible. Browse even after you’ve made a reservation. If a better deal becomes available, you can withdraw your booking if you didn’t book a nonrefundable rental.

3. Use budget-friendly brands

Discount companies are fighting for your business, usually at a lower price than renowned rental agencies. According to our analysis, based on the city, the cheapest rental was at least $5 less expensive on a given day than the cheapest top brand rental. Over longer travels, those savings can increase significantly.

4. Pick affordable vehicles

The least expensive vehicles are often the ones that are reserved the most. This can work to your advantage. Just be careful when making your reservations; otherwise you might end up having to fit five passengers and their baggage into a two-door coupe. Not quite the relaxing getaway you were hoping for, is it?

5. Stick with one driver

To add a driver, the majority of rental car businesses will charge you a daily fee. However, there are methods to avoid paying the cost. You both must have the identical address shown on your driver’s licenses for some organizations to forgo the additional driver cost for a partner or domestic partner. Everyone else will waive the fee if you sign up for their subscription service, including your spouse, partner, and immediate relatives.

6. Use your insurance

If you own a car, you are probably covered when you rent a car by your basic coverage. Youth without cars, make sure that you are listed as a driver on your parents’ insurance. It probably won’t cost anything extra if you have a clean driving history.

If you use a credit card to pay for your exotic car rental near me, many also offer minimal insurance coverage. Therefore, skipping it could result in a $30-per-day rental savings. Much more thorough coverage is available on some cards. Renting abroad? Even if your primary auto insurance and/or credit card provide coverage, you may still be forced to get insurance. Prepare a budget for this possibility.

Consider the odds that your tank will be almost empty when you get back. You might only need to fill up your tank when taking the car on a little day or weekend vacation. Lengthier excursions might enable you to arrive with gas and spare a few bucks in the process.